Slowly leaving the plantation

Via Townhall – Two Black Democrats Become Republicans in Louisiana

It has always boggled my mind how the black community in the U.S. has remained under the thumb of the liberal/left wing politics for the greater part of the last century. Black history in this country has a long, tortuous and sometimes shameful record. The black mark of slavery will remain on the soul of this country for a long, long time. But what hasn’t been realized by the majority of blacks in the U.S. today is that the slavery continues in the form of forced dependence and patronizing attitudes by the government and the so called leaders in the black community. At the core of black culture near the beginning of the twentieth century was family and a sense of self reliance. No matter what injustice was thrown at them, the black family was able to withstand it because of their faith in the family and in God. Today, after 50 years of reliance on the Democratic party, the black family for all intents and purposes does not exist. An article posted on Christianity Today entitled, Where Are The Dads? Treating Richmond’s Fatherless Epidemic, clearly shows that state of the modern black family:

“Of all births in Richmond in 2007, 65 percent of children were born to single mothers. Among black children, that rate was 84 percent. (In 2007, the national nonmarital birth rate was 40 percent.) And the social service programs stepping in for broken family structures—child welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, and school meals, among others—were alone costing the city over $50 million annually.”

There is also a moral and spiritual disconnect within the black community concerning the ideology of the Left. The black community used to be the most pro-family, pro-God, pro-traditional values segment of society. But today, that doesn’t square with the atheistic, pro-Planned Parenthood, anti-God, pro-same sex marriage philosophy of the Left. What gives? Why the willingness to ignore facts that show the destruction of the black community by left leaning, big government policies? I’m not sure. But I am glad to see that some in the black community are waking up to the truth that they have been snookered and are willing to walk off the soul sucking plantation they have lived on for so long.



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