Just Answer the Questions


Michael Brown over at Townhall.com posted a Twitter exchange that he had with a listener of his radio show.

Melissa: If he wanted an entire earth of heterosexual people, gay people wouldn’t exist. Love is love. One person with one person. Man or women. God made everyone EQUALLY. He loves all. Not only some people.

Michael: Wow. You gave every standard statement in a few seconds. If you’d like to know the truth, I can help you. If not, God bless!

Michael: BTW, why only one person with one person? Why are you so intolerant toward polyamorists? And if God didn’t want people to hurt each other, why did He make pedophiles and murderers? And are you willing to deny a brother and sister the right to marry? They have cases in the courts now. Love is love, right? Again, if you want facts and truth — and the real meaning of love — I’m glad to help. If not, God bless!

Following the rest of the exchange, Melissa never does answer the questions that were posed to her. Oh, she claimed that she answered the questions and I suppose she thought she answered the questions but she never really did. She simply relied on the tired, old cliched responses that have been programmed into the public today. Love is love. It doesn’t matter who it is between. It can be a man and woman or two men or two women. But when you press the “love is love” mantra, you won’t hear consistency. What about sex between siblings or other family members? What about pedophiles? What if two 10 year old little girls are “in love”. They should be allowed to marry, right? But I’m sure that for Melissa, she would say that obviously it is wrong for a brother and sister to marry and have sex. Based on her statement that love should be between two people, she obviously feels that polyamorists and polygamists should not be allowed to sanctify their “love” in marriage. But Melissa is too deluded by her own squishy perceptions of what love is to be bothered by her own logical inconsistencies. Just like the millions of others that have now said that gay marriage is okay. Melissa and her ilk will go through all sorts of mental calisthenics to allow themselves to see past the obvious flaws in their logic just so they can have the warm and fuzzies that they are not being judgmental.




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