It has only been recently that I have spent time in the blogosphere and found the extremely rich and diverse world it contains. There’s a lot of opinions and voices out there. And I don’t hold any illusions that adding my voice or opinion will have any huge impact. But I often find myself wanting to say something or let others know about something I have seen or read.  With that in mind, here is a bit more about myself:

I am a Christian

Claiming to be a Christian in today’s world is a very unpopular thing. In some parts of the world, it’s downright dangerous. Here in the U.S., Christianity is seen as backward, archaic, close-minded, bigoted, intolerant…yada yada yada. And to some extent, I can’t blame some of the critics of Christianity for the impression that they have. Hypocrisy, corruption, greed and callousness to the hurting and suffering of many people has been committed in the name of Christianity. But be careful not to confuse the acts of misguided and sometimes evil men (and women) that are acting for their own benefit in the name of Christ with the message of God’s eternal salvation. Sometimes the messengers have fallen and earn our distrust, but the message never fails.

I am also not one of those bible-thumping, holier-than-thou types that wants to argue with a non-believer by referencing the Bible to make my point. Doing so holds absolutely no sway over someone that doesn’t recognize the Bible as anything more than a work of fiction. Christianity is able to stand up to all forms of criticism: philosophical, historical, archeological, metaphysical, intellectual and spiritual. So why not meet challenges to Christianity on these terms?

I am probably unusual as a Christian as I do believe in evolution and that the universe is 14 billion years old and that Noah likely did not have 2 of EVERY living species of animal on the planet to inhabit his ark for 40 days and nights. I have always taken the tack that Science says “How” and my faith in Christ and God says “Why”.

I am a Conservative (with a slight Libertarian leaning)

I am a conservative in the classic liberal sense. Today’s liberal has stolen that term and warped it from its original meaning. I am a classical liberal the way that Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, John Locke, and George Washington were. Modern Progressives have hijacked the term liberal and through the cultural upheavals of the past, the word “liberal” has been turned into a pejorative.

I believe in marriage and traditional roles for men and women

There is a lot of bad information and half truths that shape the perception of people that still believe in traditional values. Modern society (specifically those on the left), believes (sometimes rabidly so), that if it was once cherished as a valued ideal, then it must be part of an oppressive system designed to keep down women, minority races, other cultures and almost any other group that can claim a “victimhood” status. This just isn’t true. This is especially not true as it regards the holy matrimony of one man and one woman. But, marriage is under attack today and I fear that it’s place as a cornerstone of societal structure is being eroded very quickly.

I believe in equality for all races and cultures

If a liberal were to read the previous sentence, they would either say that I am an exception to the conservative rule or that I am lying. After all, everyone knows that a conservative is a racist, sexist, homophobe….right? Where a liberal would likely have problems with me is where I say that I want equality of opportunity, not outcome. That is a HUGE difference and many that most modern liberals don’t get. All races should be treated equally under that eyes of the law with no preference given to anyone based on the color of their skin or national heritage. Content of character trumps skin color every time. And if I have a pet peeve, something that just gets under my skin and irks me to no end, it is when a black conservative is attacked, mocked and ridiculed just because they dare to go off the liberal plantation. Those on the left just don’t get the hypocrisy of calling Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom and feeling justified in doing so.

I do NOT believe in equality of the sexes

Whoa! What did I just say?!? How can that not be considered sexist? I do not believe in equality of the sexes because equal means “the same”. And men and women are not the same. Despite the furious work of radical feminists and leftists to prove that men and women can be totally interchangeable in a post-sexual revolution androgynous sort of way, it just isn’t so. Millions of years of biological evolution and tens of thousands of years of societal evolution has coalesced into a collective human wisdom that has served the species well. The misguided and destructive attempt convincing everyone that the obvious in what we see is actually wrong, is doing irreparable harm to our world. Radical feminists (both male and female) are to blame for this. With all of that said, not being equal does not mean that men and women should not be valued the same. Each have tremendously important contributions to make and are of equal value.

I am a lifelong student

Both in the formal and informal sense. But education at all levels in the U.S. today has been pervaded by politically correct group think that has done nothing but twist the minds and lives of the students it’s supposed to serve. Higher level education is nothing more than a leftist/statist indoctrination system designed to mold and shape young sheep into obedient voting blocks.

I’m sure that there is plenty more that I can write about myself but I think that this gives you a taste of who I am and what you can expect on this blog. This is not a single theme blog. I will cover many topics and at times I’m sure it will seem like I am all over the place. That’s probably because I will be. But that’s okay.


2 responses to “About”

  1. empathologism says :

    Well, glad you did! What is the AKA under which I may know you already?

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